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Sessions and prices


  • Maternity = £39(  x free prints - upto 1.5 hours)

  • Newborn = £45 ( x1 free prints -upto 2.5 hours)

  • 6 month session = £39 (x1 free print - upto1 hour)

  • Family =£39 ( x1 free prints - 1 hour)

  • Cake smash = £39 ( x1 free prints - 1 hour)

  • Portrait session = £39 (x1 free print -1 hour)

  • Corporate head shot  = £135 (  x3 digital - 30 mins)


Once you have had your session, you will be invited to your private viewing session, here you can choose your free included image and if you would like to purchase additional images you can do so. For additional images/products please see our price list below.


Or  why not  get more for your money by choosing one of  our wonderful bundle packages we offer  Silver, Gold and Platinum packages, all include the session fee and you can find details on what is included in the bundle packages by clicking on the  relevant session tab at the top of the package and scrolling down.



If you are purchasing the session as a gift you can also buy credit, which goes towards the cost of products. You can choose how much credit you would like to purchase and this will be taken away from the total price of the products chosen. ( credit can be purchased at £50 upward/plus). If you would like to go ahead with this please contact us and let us know how much credit you would like to contribute.

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Click here to view our price list
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